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Philadelphia, 19145, United States
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Custom Fine Art Faming
- Hand Finished and Gilded Frames
- Restoration of Antique Frames
- Wet Mount for Rice Paper Artwork
- Originals and Prints (Framed and Unframed)

For a very reasonable price, Wendy will add a custom frame to some of your most valuable possessions, which will make these beautiful one-of-a-kind works even more special and ready to enjoy immediately. Her custom framing can further protect your investments as she uses only the highest quality materials, keeping your favorite things as lovely as they are today for your enjoyment for years to come.
Individuals bring valuables in to be framed for a number of different reasons, including creating an attractive decoration for the home, or just framing the things they value most, whether of commercial or sentimental value, to protect them from damage. Wendy can help you create a completely unique frame for your valuable objects, one that would reflect your individual taste and personality - no one else will have the same exact custom framing. She will create for you a one-of-a-kind custom frame, designed with you and for you, and it will be something that will express your true self.
Custom framing, like original art, is a lasting investment. A well-made custom frame that you purchase today will look as good as new twenty or thirty years from now--long after most of the furniture, drapes, rugs, clothing, electronic gear, etc. of the same age has been worn out and discarded. So contact Wendy today if you want museum quality, custom hand finished frames for a very reasonable price to keep your valuables like new forever. She is a skilled professional, and by working with you to realize your vision, she can bring out the best in any artwork!