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New York City, 10280, United States
tel: 212-941-1817
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The Walter Wickiser Gallery was established in 1992 in Soho, New York. As the son of American artist and art educator Ralph Wickiser - who was the former Chairman of the graduate Fine Art program at Pratt Institute from 1962-1978 - Walter Wickiser was born and raised in the American art world amongst internationally renowned modern artists including Franz Kline, Jacob Lawrence, George McNeil, Stephen Pace and Phillip Pearlstein. Friendship, at a very early age, with the Milton Avery and Yasuo Kuniyoshi families provided a special mentoring and education which proved very beneficial to his career as an art dealer.

Wickiser's career as an art dealer formally began in 1990 in Soho, NY, when he became the first director of the first gallery to be established in the United States from mainland China. This led to establishing his primary direction as a gallery director to exhibit work by American and Asian-American painters, as well as artists from China, Japan and Korea. It has always been the focus of the Wickiser Gallery to create a visual dialogue between various cultures, and simultaneously reminds us of the ability of art to transcend cultural boundaries. Early in the history of the Wickiser Gallery in 1993, the United States Department and Art for Embassy's Program became interested in exhibiting Wickiser's selections of Asian artist in United States Embassy's in Seoul, Korea, Manila, Philippines, Quatar, Bucharest, Romania and Cypress, to name a few. Wickiser's collection has been exhibited in the United Bucharest, Romania and Cypress, etc.. Currently, Wickiser's collection is being exhibited in the United States Embassy in Moscow. Both the Clinton and Bush administrations have invited Wickiser to the White House.

Clients and visitors to the gallery have included Woody Allen, Betsy Bloomingdale, Kim Catrall, Leo Castelli, Michael Douglas, Alex Katz, Phillip Pearlstein, Sally Avery, Sarah Kuniyoshi, Ted Koppel, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Geraldo Rivera, Sam LeFrak and Paul Volker.

The Wickiser Gallery has received numerous reviews on ARTnews, Art In America and many other internationally recognized publications. Work by many of the represented artists have been exhibited at American museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the High Museum of Art in Georgia, the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas, and the new Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut.