2011 Baltimore Ave
Kansas City, 64108, United States
tel: 844-202-9303
email: info@cerberagallery.com
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The profile of the Cerbera Gallery for Contemporary Fine Art ranges from small to large-format, innovative, oftentimes abstract works by selected European, North American and Asian artists such as Josef Abers, Norbert Frensch, Ralf Ziervogel, Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro , Keiko Sadakane , Hans Hartung, Greg Miller, limited edition print works by Guenther Uecker, Joan Hernandez Pijuan, Roger Shimomura and photography works by Laura Letinsky, Alex Prager, Thomas Florschuetz , Dirk Reinartz, Claus Goedicke and Nicolas Dhervillers among others.

Mixed-media installations by artists such as Evelina Cajacob and Ben Harle as well as a broad range of sculptural and functional ceramic works by Melanie Sherman, Kyunming Park, Bobby Tso, Amy Santoferraro, Jamie Bates Slone, Blair Clemo, Sunshine Cobb among others further embellish the program of the Cerbera Gallery for Contemporary Fine Art.