I intuitively build my paintings from accumulations of marks, shapes, and sparks of joy without following logical sequencing. In my process I search for vibrant, off kilter abstract forms and spaces. Spiraling through all my works are a collection of ideas: growth and loss, letting go of false binaries, and finding momentary balances and spaces filled with possibility and agency.

The contemporary political philosopher Bruno Latour speaks of our moment in history as “touching the limits of disorder” (for example, climate change) and he explores methods to reengage our political will and personal agency in the face of our overwhelming societal problems. Underlying all my works is a bubbling resiliency and determination, the kind of energy needed to uproot imprisoning thought patterns.

I use the expressive language of painterly abstraction to slowly unhinge recognizable shapes and fixed forms. Layered washes of paint, figure/ground relationships, vibrating color, and line rhythms give the viewer depths to probe beyond the surface. Slowing down the experience of looking, I hope to offer subtle spaces of presence and possibility.