After nearly half a century, at first rusty and insecure and curious whether I still had ‘it’ in me, I began taking classes beginning of 2018 in all types of mediums. Some of them not experienced before with new techniques and methods that were frowned on during my days of youth in the 1960's were now given permission to be used; and being around other artists I found excitement again.

My mantra has come easily – to find that sense of abandonment and play and to dance like no one is watching. Having fun with my art is the best medicine ever administered to me. In many ways I believe that for some of us, getting to a certain age allows for inhibitions to fall away; it surely has been true in my case.

Hope you enjoy my art as much as I did creating it.

Susan Dukow

After nearly a fifty-year dormancy with a thirty-six year career in motion picture film production, Susan Dukow's original passion to create art began again in 2018.

In the 1960's, Susan's time at The Philadelphia High School for Girls provided her the opportunity to study and create art extensively for four years as part of the school’s curriculum. The approach to art was formal and prepared Susan for her continuing education at The Philadelphia College of Art as she studied Fine Arts and considered a career in Art Therapy. However, in the early 1970’s, Susan found herself in Northern California caught up in the times and her art fell to the wayside.

At the beginning of 2018, Susan made a commitment to return to what she always loved the most, creating art. A bit rusty and insecure at first, she dove in to classes and the exploration of rediscovering herself in the process. Gone were the stern instructors; now there is an abandonment of inhibitions as Susan experiments and rediscovers. Her new body of work has taken her to mixed media, collage and most recently 3D assemblages.

Contact with other artists and appreciation of their work has given Susan her inspiration to venture in to most especially the 3D work of late.

Susan’s philosophy is to continue her joy in the creative process. Witnessing other’s reactions to her work only helps to fuel her desires to create statements of vivid colors and often-quirky subject matters.