Stoyko Sakaliev, an artist based in Bulgaria, creates his geometric compositions through a systematic application of bright colors and a dramatic use of line. The artist employs words such as “perfection” and “precision” to describe his highly controlled paintings. Sakaliev’s works recall such historic modernists as Kandinsky, Malevich, Picasso, and Juan Gris. He plays with the depiction of depth, volume, and a variety of textures through his application of paint and the juxtaposition of shapes. Colors are chosen for their combined dramatic impact on the viewer verses a purely instinctual selection.

Stoyko Sakaliev was born on 21 st. September 1956 in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria. He graduated the National Academy of Art in Sofia in 1985 with poster specialty.
He has participated in all national exhibitions, biennials and triennials of the applied graphic and drama poster since 1985.
Stoyko Sakaliev took part in international shows focused on political, commercial and drama posters in Moscow, Russia; Essen, Germany; Mons, Belgium; Paris, France; Rzeszow, Poland; Tokyo, Japan; Mexico city, Mexico and Philadelphia, USA.
He has a number of one man shows on drama poster:
1989 – Sofia, Bulgaria
1996 – Burgas, Bulgaria
2006 - Burgas, Bulgaria
2007 – Philadelphia, USA at the invitation of the Kelly Writers House

Stoyko Sakaliev works in the field of graphic art and painting as well. He participated in local, regional, national and international exhibitions.

One-man shows in this field
2002 - “Burgas” art gallery, Bulgaria
2004 - “Peng Gallery”, USA
2006 – “Prolet” art gallery, Bulgaria
2010 – “Nessy” art gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria
2012 - “Nessy” art gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria

Group exhibitions:
2005 – Odrin, Turkey
2010 – Florence, Italy

Private collectors from Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, USA and Canada own his work.

He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, which is affiliated with the International Association of Art (IAA) which is part of UNESCO.