Si Jie Loo (b. 1987, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is a Malaysian-Chinese artist who lives and works in Providence, RI, United States. Loo’s artistic practice draws from traditional Chinese ink painting techniques, and she frequently ventures on art pilgrimages for inspiration from legendary, ancient locations throughout China. Her work reflects the rich legacy of Chinese art, originating from her studies with renowned Malaysian artist Dr. Cheah Thien Soong while pursuing her BA, Studio Art at Dartmouth College. A recipient of the prestigious Brooks Fellowship from Dartmouth in 2014, Loo graduated with honors and has pursued her painting practice ever since. An eclectic artist whose work reflects her roots in the Chinese diaspora, Loo’s practice constantly absorbs new influences from a range of cultures, musical genres and languages. Her work depicts captivating people, renowned musicians and dancers, and the natural world she encounters during her travels. Loo most recently traversed the Tibetan plateau and the Silk Road in Northeast China, reflecting this journey in the exhibit Physical Meditation, held at UNESCO heritage site Penang, Malaysia in January 2018.


56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, 11206
United States