My work represents unseen currents of energy and movement lying beneath the surface of our general perception, both microscopic and macroscopic in origin. Making this work is an effort to trace a path back to some unknown past or lost memories hidden deep in the subconscious. Most recently, the paintings have gone beyond references of biological/botanical morphology and evolved into paint creatures that are playful with a menacing edge, and might yet be found in some undiscovered fairytale world. I like the idea of creating “living” artifacts dug up from a distant place in the mind.

Seren Morey was born in Massachusetts in 1969 and graduated from Bard College in New York in 1991. Upon graduating she became an assistant to Kiki Smith and then went on to complete an MFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 1996. Following school, Morey became an instructor for three years of the courses Painting Processes for materials and techniques and Foundation: Light, Color and Design- a comprehensive color theory course at Pratt Institute. Morey’s work has been exhibited in numerous shows and reviewed by Barry Schwabsky, Helen A. Harrison, and most recently Robin Pogrebin of the New York Times. She currently lives and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is a partner in Guerra Paint and Pigment in NYC, a specialty resource store for artists.