What I have come to believe is that my function as an artist is to keep the creative process alive.

Just as an electrician runs electricity, a lawyer applies law and a doctor practices medicine; it is my job to ensure the creative process is alive, e.g., for the scientist as he may use it to further science.

This process can be spiced, that is politically, scientifically, romantically etc. But, to be clear I do not find it to be the responsibility of the artist to solve these flavors. And, I do not believe artistic license and an irresponsible idea evades an ethical position.

As an artist it is my intention that my work be felt deeply. I use street imagery as a point of departure. It has a non-decorative quality, an inherent radicalism (for it embodies constant change) and the educational aspect of common knowledge.

I am supporting an idea of optimism by trying to raise something common into an art world, which rewards uniqueness. I am trying to view our life with an elevated light, to appreciate what we have without the constant desire for more. I believe this could possibly bring relief.

This work today is my journey and in it I have found a sense of freedom.