Botond Reszegh is a Hungarian artist who lives and works in Miercurea Ciuc, a small, quiet, mountain rimmed town in Eastern Transylvania, Romania. He is a graphic artist, painter, illustrator and philosopher, and works as the art director of Új Kriterion/New Criterion – the leading contemporary art gallery in his hometown. He is a respected member, and key influential figure, in both Romanian and Hungarian intellectual art circles. The work that Reszegh’s creates is highly influenced by contemporary literature. Many of his published works are often accompanied by writings from acclaimed poets and novelists from Romania and Hungary. While he is deeply attached to his community in Miercurea Ciuc, he also wants to better understand the world beyond his home. He is constantly moving between countries and continents and immerses himself in different cultures throughout the world. He has an arcane attraction to New York City, which leads him to visit the iconic metropolis frequently.


56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, 11206
United States