i make a lot of images,
some of them are paintings,
some of them are photographs,
and some,
in a strange way,
are both.

Nina Meledandri is a painter and a photographer living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY. As a painter she has shown extensively throughout the NY area and was represented by the David Findlay Gallery in NY where she had 2 solo shows. As a photographer she has been published by the NY Times Magazine, Architectural Digest, New York Magazine and the Village Voice among others. The cornerstone of Meledandri’s process both as a painter and a photographer is daily practice. As a painter it takes the form of daily watercolors that she has been making with since 1996. As a photographer she has posted to a minimum of 3 blogs each day for the past 12 years. Recently, she has been developing bodies of work that combine her abstract paintings and photographs including the projects “Somewhere In Between” and “Harmonic Convergence”. With these projects, Meledandri uses both her paintings and her photographs as raw materials from which to make new works that manifest in the form of diptychs, prints or mixed media compositions.