Nikki Painter is a nationally and internationally exhibiting artist with her ninth solo show held recently at Shockoe Artspace in Richmond, Virginia. She has had additional solo exhibitions at COOP Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee, at Purdue University's Rueff Gallery, and at Twelve21 Gallery in Orlando, Florida. Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions, including shows at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, in the publication New American Paintings, and at the Daegu Arts Center in South Korea.

“Several years ago, I began making drawings using imagery from demolition sites. At first, I was interested in the complexity and variety of the forms found there- twisted metal, piles of concrete, wire fencing... I wondered about the life of these objects and how they existed at the end of a timeline (demolition is ultimately their end), and I imagined what the other points along the timeline might look like. Through my work, I envision a world that is constantly constructed and then broken down. Construction and destruction may happen simultaneously, and sometimes natural forms take over and are the “winners” of the unfolding drama. Recently, I have also begun bodies of work that include both plants and geometric abstraction as subject matter, and I think of these as even further extensions or transformations of my invented world. Each work represents a different season or moment within the world. My visual style is rooted in eighties pop culture, referring to brightly colored cartoons and digital collage techniques that were hallmarks of music videos from that decade. These things shaped my inner bank of imagery, and they are evident in the world I build within my work. I use nonrealistic spatial perspective, intricate patterns, and layers of media to create an intentional sense of intensity, mystery, and controlled chaos.”


723 Chestnut St. 4th Floor
Philadelphia, 19106
United States