This body of work is from my "Fever Dream" series which explores animism, mysticism, sickness, isolation and the concept of re-birth. Much is the work is detailed with charcoal from an area that I hike at often. A fire scoured the hillside, leaving compressed charcoal in the ashes, which I collected after the ground had cooled. That hillside is now covered with wildflowers after a year of change brought on by animals re-seeding, people hiking, rain, sun and wind. There was definitely magic in the rise of yellow flowers from those ashes. I see that hillside and these works as proof to the powers that work beyond our physical senses, and how we should embrace introspection as well as change.

b. 1977 Seattle, WA

BFA University of Washington
MFA Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Melissa Dyanne has exhibited in multiple galleries and cultural institutions across the United States including; Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY; Thompkins Projects, Brooklyn, NY; Dan Graham Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA; JAG Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA; Fowler Arts, Brooklyn, NY; Calico, Brooklyn, NY; Roos Arts, Rosendale, NY; Camden County College, Camden, NJ; Helen S. Smith Gallery, Seattle, WA; Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA; and the Gage Academy, Seattle, WA. Her work has also been featured in the film Explicit Ills (dir. Mark Webber, prod. Jim Jarmusch)

Currently, Melissa lives and works at the Brewery Artist Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles.