The Question*
What have you done
with what was given you,
what have you done with
the blue, beautiful world?
* {Theo Dorgan (2015) excerpt}

Artistic expression about nature can be far more than an escape from human-centered reality. It can make a pressing commentary on the state of our planet, the politics and policies that shape public debate about our environment, and the questions we need to confront.

My intention is to contribute to this rise in interest and to spark new conversations, by bringing the landscape to life through my work.

After a career in science and science publishing, and as a biologist I bring a distinctly different perspective to ‘nature’ for inspiration.

I work in a broad variety of 2D and 3D media chosen to express the particular character of the environments I choose. I often incorporate materials directly from the landscape in pursuing my intention to integrate ‘landscape’ with ‘environment’.

My work is related to the themes of contemporary artists such as Richard Long, Tania Kovats and Therese Oulton but is distinctive in its firm roots in, and connection to both science and ecocriticism.