My works, comprised of large and small format, are singular but correspond to a common subject from life that has caught my interest. They can be installed/hung as an environment—in groups of a few or many—to establish an impression of dialogue, juxtaposition and contradiction.

I take a pragmatic view of my own surroundings. The choices I make are dependent on my present place of residence: the countryside or the city with its architecture, interiors and people. All images, no matter how abstract they can seem to be, emerges out of a given reality: a view from a window, a fast glimpse in the street, a detail in the subway, an atmosphere just barely sensed. Impressions, cut-outs from daily life are neutralized, reduced, and united in series.
With monochromatic fields of egg tempera and pigment on canvas, watercolor and tempera on paper I work out a balance of figuration and abstraction, though

The images included here are from different series consisting of 10 to 40 works, large and small scale canvases in addition to the works on paper. All egg tempera on linen.
From the top:
Vertical Nightview II, 2018, 50 x 40 inches
Vertical Night View I, 2018, 58 x 33 inches
Vertical Night View IV, 2018, 33 X 31 inches
Dark Landscapes XVI, 2017, 17 x 24 inches
Dark Landscapes IX, 2017, 17 x 24 inches
Studio shot Coastal Lines I-XII and some from the series Dark Landscapes I- XVI, 2017, all 17 x 24 inches
Dark Paintings I, 2017, 17 x 24 inches
Dark Paintings VIII, 2017, 17 x 24 inches
Dark Paintings IV, 2017, 17 x 24 inches