Kati Verebics (b. 1980, Dég, Hungary) is a visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary and Cairo, Egypt. The daughter of the mayor of the picturesque village of Dég, Hungary, Verebics was enticed to enter an artistic career from an early age. She was particularly influenced by the classical-style architectural treasure that is her town’s castle, which housed art exhibitions and residency programs. She observed these programs as a child, later actively participating in them. Inspired by her mother, an art teacher at the local elementary school, Verebics began drawing at the age of three. After a long childhood filled with art-making, she went on to study at the University of Fine Art in Hungary as a graphic artist in 1999. She later studied traditional printmaking in her university years, inspired by legendary Japanese Edo period, Ukiyo-e printmaker Utamaro. Verebics embarked on her first series of erotic drawings with drypoint wiping technique, drawing from the meticulous printmaking techniques which remain integral to her practice.


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