For years I have worked viscerally with marginalized materials, whether new or discarded. Currently I have focused mainly on two specific materials, puzzles and gift wrapping paper. The puzzle relief works are experiences of undulations and movement. Made from puzzle pieces swirled and massed into forms, the works are more sculptural than paintings. These relief like sculptural pieces are on a level, a metaphor for the experience of overturning marginalization. Using puzzle pieces, which are usually made to fit in a confined order, flip the concept of the jigsaw puzzle from an association with logic and order to express intuitive, chaotic energy and exhuberant freedom.

My development as an artist has followed the same path as my ongoing quest to coherently embrace my definition of self. This urgency to share these deep emotions is expressed through a personal and obsessive exploration through various materials. With the Paper People series, gift wrapping paper, ribbons, rope, cardboard and brown paper bag, are combined together into male and female torsos, exploring a vast array of personas. My work is about acceptance and being present in the moment.