My wall sculptures involve suspended states of being and the permeable nature of time. The images of swimming, floating and "about to" gestures imply anticipation, hesitancy, anxiety or relief from anxiety. I did not set out to express specific qualities - they emerged from the selection of the figures and the creation of the pieces themselves. The meanings are hidden like the meanings in dreams.
I select the figures from paintings from many works of art throughout art history as well as archaic artifacts. I usually draw a figure I have extracted from a painting ( not my own ) and use that drawing as a guide to my sculpture. The selection is guided by an unconscious but connected train of thought.

These works ride the edge between painting and sculpture; between stillness and movement; between the figurative and the abstract. The dimensions of the sculptures allow one to look into an intimate space; they owe a debt to the scale and narratives of Medieval art.

Jacqueline Shatz's work has been included in exhibitions at the June Kelly, Monique Knowlton, and Kouros galleries in New York City, and she has!curated and organized many exhibitions, including CollageLogic which was last presented in 2012 at Hampden Gallery at UMass in Amherst. She is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Fellowship (1990), a Craft Alliance New Techniques grant and several NYFA SOS grants. She has been artist-in-residence at the Kohler Arts/Industry program, where she created a series of music box sculptures and has collaborated on sound and sculptural installations for Glyndor Gallery at Wave Hill and on Governors Island. She had a show at The Garrison Art Center in 2015.
Most recently Shatz had a show at Carter Burden Gallery in Feb. of 2017. Last spring she was included in a three person exhibit at Centotto in Bushwick with Thomas Michelli and Jim Herbert; and was also included in two group shows at David & Schweitzer (Bushwick). She was in a group show “Beasts of Brooklyn” at the Green Door Gallery, curated by Elisa Jensen as well as “Flowers and Monsters” at Temporary Storage Gallery, curated by Meer Musa.
Jacqueline Shatz is a 2018 recipient of a Tree Of Life Foundation Individual Artist Grant. She has a BFA in painting and an MFA in sculpture from Hunter College.