GJ Kimsunken (b. South Korea, studied in Australia and lives in the US) is an artist who creates paintings and works on paper that approximate the figurative while digging deeper to uncover our shared capacity for transcendence. Through his work, Kimsunken adopts a minimalist view of figuration, hinting at the human figure and the human condition through texture, line and coloration. Texture in Kimsunken’s work becomes immediately apparent in the artist’s detailed attention to the materiality of the paint which he utilizes. Kimsunken works to literally peel back the layers in his compositions by scraping back the paint he applies to the canvas in an intimate and individualized manner specific to each artwork. Questions of figure and identity are necessarily a part of each work by Kimsunken, as the subtle changes in color and texture across the canvas address questions about growth, change and the implications of embracing a dynamic identity.


56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, 11206
United States