In my various bodies of work in a broad range of media, I explore the boundary between consciousness and reality, considering art an instrument of spiritual growth and social engagement.

Interested in Eastern philosophies and quantum physics, I cultivates the spiritual aspects of art as they might connect to Zen practices: through creative thinking, an individual becomes a person in harmony with other people and the world. Through this kind of thought, the focus shifts from the object to the person, and the aesthetic model gives way to greater discovery of the unusual and unrepeated beauties of creation, locating solutions where clarity of form turns life energy into an emotional state.

In my "Happiness Garden" paintings, I recreate the alchemy of a soul garden suspended between the physicality of experience and the fiction of virtual worlds. In an unreal space that recalls the virtual architecture of a microchip, flows of light energy become organic forms, plants, flowers, emotions, figures: an endless alchemy of temporary beauty. Everything is in transformation. Life consists of shapes, aromas, flavors, emotions, meetings, memories. Not in the past or in the future, only in the here and now. If we free ourselves from the illusion of being separate entities in competition with each other, then we’ll discover inner peace.