I paint nature out of admiration and protectiveness. I find it compelling to imagine the parts of nature not easily viewable, yet their condition affects our world; the processes between roots and soil, the microscopic world of Moss or the melting of Arctic ice.
I am grounded in observation and the pleasure of painting. I energize my imagination through sustained research to form an intuitive sense of the physical character of my subject and create invented environments.
In 2010, the Tornado motif came to me; a direct expression of being thrust into motherhood with the birth of my twins. The Tornado embodies the feeling of being swept away by the force of nature. In my later compositions remains the formal structure for the themes of natural and man-made occurrences in nature, such as nurture, metamorphosis, decomposition, forest fire and fracking.

My goal is to move the viewer to be as mesmerized as I am, by the beauty of nature. I begin each painting with a theme in mind and then I allow the pigment to flow as I guide it with brush, water or medium. As I paint, images stored in my mind guide me like a melody underpins an improvisation. I have learned to interact with the painting process and accept some accidental outcomes, in order to achieve an interpretation of nature that goes beyond the representational.