For over 20 years, Elizabeth Gourlay has developed a practice that, at its heart, is concerned with exploring and developing the possibilities of color and form. Employing a wide range of color palettes from nearly monochromatic to highly polychromatic, her work consistently and rigorously examines ways to broaden the scale of color interaction and expression. Using pure abstraction to articulate her vision, Gourlay’s art is a process of progressively and meditatively layering elements of line and form according to the natural unfolding of an inner vision (dreaming).

Elizabeth Gourlay’s visual language is one that demonstrates mastery of the simplest forms of mark making. Employing characteristic grids, lines and geometric shapes, Gourlay’s work is frequently noted for its musicality and architectonic undertones. Repetitions of shape, color and line create harmonies and dissonances that energize surfaces and carry the eye with their rhythms. At times spirited and snappy, and other times quiet and contemplative, Gourlay’s work consistently invites elevated sensitivities to the visual world.

Katie Litke