These works are the sharing of my own unraveling. I paint with bright colors, but on blank space, and create lifelike renderings on top of two dimensional, graphic imagery-a translation of the world as I have experienced it. Sometimes the world is bright, sometimes blank, sometimes it looks and feels so real, while other times everything can appear simple or two dimensional. These works are a coming of age tale. I paint an object when it was whole (young, naive), then the same object is cut in half and painted again (trauma, hardship or simply the unraveling of previously held world views that comes with adulthood). These works are a response to what seems to be the natural and inevitable life order or movement from expected and tedious to scary and then glorious (in that order). They serve to express hope that we will find acceptance and awareness and wisdom from the “cut in half” or “undone” moments instead of ruin.


723 Chestnut St. 4th Floor
Philadelphia, 19106
United States