Daydrawing is an ongoing long-term project that began on January 1, 2016. I create daily drawings, which accumulate to form an entity we can experience directly but is so distributed in space and time that it does not exist anywhere in particular.

The perpetual Daydrawing advances with a daily work on paper – and a hyperobject emerges as each is released into the world, resulting in a diaristic, many-paneled entity stretching beyond our capacity to observe.

Daydrawing, in 9 x 12 inch fragments, is both already complete and will never be completed. It is both local and increasingly dispersed as fragments drift apart through distribution. Daydrawing is a single object, continuously in creation and existing in many locations simultaneously.

Each piece uses powdered graphite and presents a keyhole view into an alternate universe, a hallucinatory daydream responding in part to daily observations, and in part to narratives already at play within the Daydrawing universe.

As we enter the Anthropocene epoch, this project is of enormous importance as it promotes a more sustainable approach to understanding a world increasingly dependent upon a shift in human perspective. I intend to assist such a shift in human awareness through the promotion of long-term thinking.