Investigating life’s illusory nature and questioning all things seemingly stable, I construct new realities; environments, experiences and objects which are at once ephemeral and eternal.

I’m working with a variety of materials both natural and manufactured; branches, roots, foam, acrylic, Mulberry bark, Latex, Tyvek, rawhide, textiles, fur, metal and Vinyl in order to de-contextualize and create new objects until they no longer make “good practical sense”. The notion of a solid fixed reality falls apart as a deeper truth is revealed – that of infinite potential.

These objects and their dichotomous relationships draw on nature for their form and serve as a metaphor for our ever-evolving sense of being.

“Everything worth knowing is cloaked in paradox because everything substantial defies being revealed in its totality” – Mark Nepo

Terra Unfirma - the experience of being lived

Leibowitz’s work explores the inner workings of consciousness, the transitory nature of thought and the qualities and origin of their deeper essence. She utilizes a variety of materials including Tyvek, Plaster, Vinyl, plastics, foam, wax, pigments, ink found objects and more.

Her solo exhibitions include The Neon Heater in Findlay, OH., No.4 Studio in Brooklyn, NY, Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas, TX, Art Cube Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA, The Museum of Art, Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX, Cohn Drennan Contemporary in Dallas, TX. and upcoming: M. David & C0., Brooklyn, NY.

Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions including those Matera, Italy, Akko, Israel, Brooklyn, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, Dallas, Texas and Art Basel Satellite Art Fair, Miami, Florida.

Leibowitz has participated in residencies with Judy Pfaff and Michael David culminating in group exhibitions in Brooklyn, NY at M. David & Co.

Reviews and interviews of her work have been featured in Art Spiel, The Houston Review, Vassari21, Maake Magazine, Pleat, Studio Critical, Curating Contemporary, Mixed Media Tapes, Luxe Magazine, Modern Dallas, Art F City, Dallas Morning News, Art Funk and Papercity.

Originally from Philadelphia, Leibowitz lives in Dallas TX where she maintains her studio practice.