“Carved EXIT Signs”

These "carved" EXIT signs are built up by cutting, scraping, and collaging elements of readymade EXIT signs. They look backwards to analog times of labor, craft, marquetry, quilts,
and forward to a new virtual EXIT.

I came of age in the 1960’s, which was highly charged with wars, social unrest, and looming nuclear apocalypse. Graphic style was high contrast to match. Currently I feel a similar global tension. Media and politics are polarizing our lives into black and white, black and red.
These redesigned EXIT signs show us possible destinations, maps, escape routes and strategies, while describing our overheated environment.

They are records of EXIT signs disintegrating and reforming into a place beyond the EXIT itself. I see them as fragments, screen grabs of our world. They are a momentary diversion from our ongoing cataclysm.