These collages were made since the 2016 election - combining color copies of my own paintings with images from vintage Science textbooks - envisioning the future landscape

Alexandra Rutsch Brock is an artist, independent curator and educator.
Her artwork always relates to her life experiences. This "Paths Of Life" series was inspired by her childhood Patent Ductus Arteriosis surgery. She had the surgery in 1973 at the age of four and was strongly impacted by the experience. Spending almost two weeks in the hospital made strong visual memories that she used in the creation of mixed media works. These artworks combine image and text of her remembrance of the event and how it relates to both past and present experiences.

August 2018 - Solo show at the Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, CA.

YOUTUBE LINK - HEAL Program Curator Ted Meyer Artist, Alexandra Rutsch Brock and Dr. Enrique Ostrzega Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Chair of the Year II Cardiovascular System at Keck School of Medicine.

Born in Westchester, NY, she received her BFA in Fine Art & Art Education K-12 from the School of Visual Arts, NY and her MS in Studio Art from the
College of New Rochelle, NY.